Holiday, evidently, offers businesses with a unique opportunity to promote their brands and enhance the sales value. Unfortunately, a horrible nightmare happens to most e-commerce sites after the spike in holiday sales. A large number of online shops experience spiraling downward in sales record. Even more atrociously, customers start returning their cart resulting terrific logistic mess and hence, shop owners may have to confront with depression as grappling with sinking revenue. It seems not to be the most wonderful time of the year. Magento store owners, thankfully,  always have a way to avoid this trouble and even get back into big-time sales mode.

In this blog post, we will give you some idea to improve the post-holiday sales situation.

Follow up Email extension

After the holiday seasons, with a huge amount of traffic to your online store, you have a gleaming pile of awesomeness waiting for you: customers’ contact information. All you have to do is to make the best use of it via targeted email campaigns so that you can stimulate the communication between your brand and your customers. Connection with the customers via email marketing automation can maintain the conversion rates as high as 50%. With the email addresses that you have harvested during the holiday season, you are in the perfect position to start. Store owners can simply show their appreciation or collect the customers’ contribution to the service as listening to their feedback. The email marketing may be one of the first steps you want to do as customers’ memories of holiday purchases are still fresh and they would love to have more from your store.

We have been installing Follow email extensions for many clients any below are 3 best Follow up Email extension that we love to use:

1. Follow Up Email by Amasty

Price: $200 (both Community and Enterprise version)

Compatible with: CE 1.4.x – 1.9.x, EE 1.8.x – 1.14.x

Support: free in the first 3 months; $49 for 6 months; $69 for 12 months

The Magento Extension Amasty Follow Up Email helps you to build a strong customer loyalty by focusing on relationship establishment with your customers. Store owners can easily convert emails into purchases as Amasty follow-up Email extensions can help them to:

  • Offer discount based on customer wishlist
  • Send win-back message
  • Send Birthday greetings
  • Send newsletter subscription to follow up emails
  • Send Product promotion based on previous order
  • Get customer reviews to enhance store credibility
  • Send notifications of customer group change
  • Apply unlimited number of rules

All the advance emailing configuration save you a lot of time and effort in managing the email marketing campaign. You can set the letter dispatch in automatic mode and set up the email schedule enabling you to plan ahead your marketing campaign. Several email templates and automatic integration of discount coupon function can also be your perfect assistant. Amasty Magento Follow-up Email extension allows you to take the best advantages of Google Analytics to assess the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns and monitor the number of clicks in the email content. With the rich functionality of Advanced Customer Segments module, you can also classify all your clients by numerous parameters and make your strategy even more effective.

2. Follow up email by Miravisit

Price: $149 for Community version; $348 for Enterprise version

Compatible with: CE 1.4.1 – 1.9.3, EE 1.10 – 1.14.2

Support: + $49 for Installation

The Magento Miravisit Follow Up Email extension is a reliable tool for email marketing as it can bring up to 40% of the total income via email distribution with a high rate of response and conversion. The extension can solve all the following tasks with one click:

  • Remind the customer of an abandoned cart
  • Cross-sell based on the shopping cart or previous sales
  • Remind yourself of old customers who have not visited your site for a long time
  • Offer a discount (coupon code)
  • Remind customers to re-order (for example, if you sell consumables)
  • Wish them a birthday or other celebration
  • Automate emails with tracking information, after a change of order status New
  • Maintain good a relationship with customers, to increase their loyalty
  • Turn potential customers into buyers

 Store owners can use the powerful and flexible email editor to edit without limits. The Analytics and insights tool can help you to track the number of readers, clicks, orders placed and new reviews. Flexible rules allow you to send emails only to relevant customers depending on their purchases, customer groups or order attributes. Furthermore, there is no annual or monthly fees as everything is included in one purchase hence store owner can easily control their cost of email marketing campaigns. The most interesting points of Miravisit Magento Follow Up Email extension lie on its direct link to unsubscribe inside the email, direct link to view the email inside the browser and rapidly going from the mail to the store with automatic authorization.

3. Follow up email by Magehit

Price: $69 for Community version; $169 for Enterprise version

Compatible with: CE 1.5.x – 1.9.x, EE 1.10.x – 1.14.x

Support: 30-day money back guarantee; free Installation; fee Upgrades; free Support.

The Magento Magehit Follow Up Email extension is definitely a must-have for every Magento store. It builds the relationship with customers on top of the email and can be considered as marketing suit extension. Magehit Follow Up Email extension can assist you with these following tasks:

  • Sort and filter follow up emails by status, schedule, event, etc
  • Preview, send, cancel or delete emails manually right from the grid
  • Easy to install, easy to upgrade, and just copy to use
  • Friendly and flexible configuration
  • HTML/CSS validation
  • Support multiple languages, multiple stores
  • Easy to customize front-end via HTML/CSS
  • 100% open-source

Magehit Follow Up Email extension generates road for your customers to restore their cart just by clicking the link integrated into the Follow Up Email, hence increase abandoned carts rate. By greeting your customers’ special days, offering coupon codes and appreciating their thought about the products, the email campaign enhances customer relationship. The extension motivate clients for further purchases with coupon codes so that it can help you to increase your sale efficiency. Last but not least, with its fast speed, it may promote customer to complete their order.

Free gift extension

It’s absolutely not a weird idea to offer something special to your customer right after the holiday season. All the promos, discounts, freebies, free shipping or coupons can get ready to be done all over again. The store owners should keep in mind that returning customers typically usually spend much more money than face value. Your shoppers buy the products not only because it is the holiday season and it is such a good time to spend more, but also because of the discount. Consequently, a good offer may hook them back for the second round of shopping. There are so many ways to find an idea for New-Year sales. You can offer your customers with the winter clearance to dispense with your winter inventory. Clearance means cheap to most of the customers. A second idea is to offer clients with free gifts as freebies always win their heart. Bulk buy discounts is also a brilliant idea as it may enhance the bulk purchase. You can simultaneously promote your loyalty program and make the first time buyers be your loyal customers. Thanks for the development of Magento extensions, Magento store owners now get handful assistant.

There are many free extension in the market but below are the 3 best free gift extension that we usually use in our Magento store development work.

1. Free Gift by Amasty

Price: $200 for both Community and Enterprise version

Compatible with: CE 1.4.x – 1.9.x, EE 1.10.x – 1.14.x

Support: $59 for Installation service; Free support in the first 3 months; $49 for 6 months support and $69 for 12 months support.

The Magento Amasty Free Gift extension may surprise store visitors with free promo items and products with deep discounts hence draw the customers’ attention to your promotions. Freebies always a great hook to the overwhelming majority of free gift receivers. Free promo items can make the customers get significantly satisfied and the effectiveness of your campaigns rises. The Amasty Free Gift extension can help you to:

  • Let customers know they get products for FREE
  • Offer customers configurable products as free gift
  • Choose whether to use free or paid shipping for promo items
  • Have Virtual products support
  • Have Responsive Magento themes support
  • Specify whether to add multiple promo items to cart or only one product
  • Automatically add downloadable items
  • Get advanced tax calculation for promo items
  • Have unique prefixes for each promo rule
  • Display Popup on Checkout Page

Specifically, the Amasty extension secure you form the threat of doubling the bonuses as you can enable the option to apply only promo rules. There are also many more advanced settings for the rules. Store owners can wisely manage their budget. You could also use the store credits as gifts. All you need to do is show clearly to your clients a way to get promo items so that they should know what to do in order to get free gifts from your Magento store. Promo banner placed wither on top of the page or above Add to Cart button is always a good idea.

2. Free Gift by Extendware

Price: $79 for both Community and Enterprise version

Compatible with: CE 1.4.x – 1.9.x, EE 1.9.x – 1.14.x

Support: Free Installation service and support. 30-day refund guarantee.

The Magento Extendware Free Gift extension can auto add free gifts to your customers’ cart as they purchase certain products. Giving away free products help to improve customers’ loyalty to your shop. you can work with or without coupon code and supports bundles. This extension is most powerful in giving free products to your customers based on their purchase history. You can set the scenario where your customers can select among a group of free products as it supports configurable products and products with custom options. The extension can help you to:

  • Create your own buy X get Y free promotions
  • Get rid of  Inventory that does not sell
  • Automatically add promotional products to cart
  • Upgrade the promotions used in your store
  • Give out configurable products, bundle products, and products with custom options
  • Give a free gift for purchases over a certain amount
  • Explore unlimited number of free gift rules
  • Give a free gift with a coupon
  • Offer free shipping
  • Add multiple promotional items to the cart
  • Let your customers choose the exact free gift they want
  • Notify the customer of the free gifts in a variety of ways
  • Only add free products if the items are in stock
  • Ensure compatibility with responsive Magento theme
  • Support all the normal Magento Promotional features
  • Explore tax calculation ineffective way

The Extendware Free Gift extension is a powerful motivator for making sales to your store, especially if the products are branded with your store. Not only your customers can enjoy the free items, but you also get free advertising as they use the free offer with your store name on it.

3. Free Gift by Mageworld

Price: $139 for Community Edition and $461 for Enterprise Edition

Compatible with: CE 1.6.x – 1.9.x, EE 1.10.x – 1.14.x

Support: Free Installation service and support. Lifetime free upgrade.

The Magento Mageworld Free Gift extension can boost your sales with special promotions as it is considered to be the best tool to run the special campaigns. Store owners may create attractive incentives for both the newcomers and the loyal clients. The Magento Mageworld Free Gift extension can help you to:

  • Share purchase on social networks get free gift
  • Visualize Order Value and Free Gift Value in a line chart
  • View statistics of total order value, total gift value, average gift value per customer, average gift value per order on table
  • Add free gift(s) automatically to cart when customers meet conditions (Catalog rules)
  • Allow customers to choose free gift(s) from a gifting list (Shopping cart rules)
  • Apply different rules for multiples stores
  • Set individual rules for each customer group

With flexible gift rules, you can choose among: Buy X get Y, Buy an item from category A get Y free; spend limit; sharing social network get Y free, etc. The upsell banners are proved to be able to encourage customers to spend more. Furthermore, a limited number of free gifts creates a sense of urgency so that the customers may spend more to get the promotion. Store owners are supported with HTML and CSS files so that they can easily customize the front end.

Abandoned Cart Reminders

As shopping in the holiday mood, several customers may browse and fill their carts with numerous items. Unfortunately, not all the customers go directly to check out. They just click away from the site either because they are unsure about their choices or they got distracted. There is one thing that we can be sure: those customers definitely have an active interest in the products chosen. Hence, a gentle reminder after the holiday season may be a great idea to refresh customers’ mind and turn the lost sales into our new-year opportunities. Store owners are encouraged to create product recommendations based on the customers’ past purchase activities in order to inspire their return. Magento Abandoned Cart Recovery extensions provide you with a fantastic recipe for recovery your potential sales.

Below are the 3 best Abandoned cart reminders extensions that are widely used by Magento users

1. Abandoned cart email by Amasty

Price: $200 for both Community and Enterprise Edition

Compatible with: CE 1.4.x – 1.9.x, EE 1.8.x – 1.14.x

Support: +$59 for installation. Free Supporting service for the first 3 months. $89 for 6-month support package and $139 for the 12-month support package. Free lifetime updates and you have 60 days money back guarantee.

The Magento Amasty Abandoned Cart extension can boost the conversation rate and hence motivate customers to recover their abandoned carts. The mass cart reminders with easily customized email templates and coupons encourage visitors to come back to your Magento store. The Amasty Abandoned Cart extension can help you to:

  • Custome rule for each type of products
  • Generate flexible rules
  • Automatically add coupons
  • Capture emails from guest visitors with AJAX
  • Send targeted emails
  • cancel email dispatch based on stock availability
  • Track the number of recovered carts in a current month
  • Manage rules faster using mass actions
  • Possibility to make the coupon available for the email recipient only
  • Analyze your campaigns
  • Send test emails
  • Manage and import email blacklist
  • Moderate emails in the queue

You will notice the significant increase in your revenue. Amasty Abandoned Cart extension motivate your audience to complete purchases without hesitation as the extension help you to get closer to your clients. In a tough competitive e-commerce market, you cannot afford to ignore potential profit generated from abandoned carts. The extension supports you in showing your high appreciation to your customers by offering a tempting discount via email. The reminders can be personalized to have a more powerful influence on the shoppers. With the discount codes inserted into follow up email, your customers will be incentivized to come back and finish the task on the abandoned cart.

2. Abandoned Cart by Aitoc

Price: $99 for Community Edition and $299 for Enterprise Edition

Compatible with: CE – 1.9.3.x, EE 1.9.x – 1.14.3.x

Support: +$59 for Installation (free for EE). Free 6 months updates. Free email support and 30-day money back guarantee. With EE, you may have the free bugfixes for lifetime support.

The Magento Aitoc Abandoned Carts Alerts Pro extension can boost your sales by sending auto reminders about abandoned carts or bounced orders in Magento. The Aitoc Abandoned Carts Alerts Pro can help you to:

  • See e-commerce conversions in Google Analytics
  • Send reminders to registered users or guests
  • Send up to three follow up messages for both abandoned carts and orders
  • Choose from 5 different email templates
  • Dispatch alerts automatically or by hand
  • Track purchases made as the result of alerts
  • Use the responsive templates
  • Choose a time span from which to send the follow-up
  • Include a promo code to increase sales
  • Get plain text version attached to the email
  • Send the first alert within minutes
  • Automatically log in registered Magento users
  • Stop reminders after purchase or a recovery link clicked
  • See revenue from recovered carts at a glance
  • View recovered cart statistics for selected time periods
  • Statistics on abandoned carts, abandoned products and lost revenue
  • Statistic on restored carts, restored products and recovered revenue
  • See carts recovery rates for various periods

The Aitoc Abandoned Carts Alerts Pro extension is the best one that should any store owner installed since it seems to cost no effort to boost the store’s revenue. You can see your revenue increases by 10% -24% by the end of the month. All the features are very handy and it is truly flexible to works with different Magento version.

3. Abandoned Cart by Mageworx

Price: $99 for Community Edition and $198 for Enterprise Edition

Compatible with: CE 1.4.1.x – 1.9.x, EE 1.6.x – 1.14.x

Support: Free Professional Installation. Free Lifetime Support and Free lifetime updates.

The Magento Mageworx Abandoned Carts Recovery extension can convert the abandoned carts to sales and recoup the lost revenue for your store. The cash flow is increased by following up on customers via automated reminders and lovely discount inserted. The Mageworx Abandoned Carts Recovery extension can help you to:

  • Craft an effective engaging email message with a wide spectrum of abandoned cart alert rules
  • Apply rules for specific websites and customers groups
  • Customize email templates
  • Use product and cart attributes in a template
  • Specify the delay after which a cart is considered to be abandoned
  • Set a delay after which an email should be sent
  • Make abandoned cart reminders more appealing to customers
  • Add some sort of incentive into your message such as a coupon, a gift code, a remarketing email, etc.
  • Check up all the details about each alert
  • Manually adjust pending alerts and add new ones if necessary
  • Track the details about every sent email
  • Track the effectiveness of your remarketing campaign

The Mageworx Abandoned Cart extension can help you to track the numbers of started or abandoned carts for each customer group can hence the abandoned revenue and abandoned rate can be calculated. The same process can be done for different store views, devices, and locations. The best thing about this extension is that it allows you to do the A/B test among email templated to figure out which one converts better.

Bottom lines

After the holiday season, don’t be an exhausted retailer. Customers can be exhausted, but they are still our lovely and willing- to- listen to clients. Rather than succumb to the holiday slump, store owners can definitely ratchet the whole thing up by starting your new year with kickass sales. The effect can last for a year long before another holiday season coming. So, don’t go quiet, you have to stand up and grab a useful extension to support your business this year.